Past Events

This list only comprises events which took place after 01.11.2012. If not indicated otherwise, organizer affiliation is Interdisciplinary Center of Scientific Computing (IWR).

Scientific Computing in Medicine & Healthcare

  • Int. IEEE IROS 2013 Workshop “Physical Assistive Devices: -based Simulation & Optimization” (Org.: Mombaur), Stream of Int. Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Tokyo (JP), 03.08.2013
  • Int. Symposium ” and Simulation of the Cardiovascular System” (Org.: Hennerici (UMM) and Jäger/Richter), Heidelberg, IWH, 10.-12.02.2014
  • Int. Workshop “Integration of Engineering and Optimal Experiment Design for Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation” (Org.: Juang (National Cheng Kung University (TW)) and Körkel/Schlöder), Heidelberg, IWR, 17.-18.07.2014
  • Int. Workshop “Interdisciplinary Approaches towards an Understanding of Suicidal Behavior” (Org.: Noori), Mannheim, Central Institute of Mental Health, 04.12.2014
  • Int. Symposium “Molecular Biology and Biophysics of Collective Cell Motion” (Org.: Böhm (Biophysical Chemistry), Frischknecht (Heidelberg University Hospital) and Schwarz), Heidelberg, IWH, 14.-15.7.2015
  • Int. Workshop “Gerichtssaal der Zukunft” (Org.: Yen (Heidelberg University Hospital) and Mara), Heidelberg, German Cancer Research Center, 22.-23.10.2015
  • Int. Workshop “Scientific Computing for the Improved Diagnosis and Therapy of Sepsis” (Org.: Lindner(UMM) and Jäger/Kostina), Heidelberg, IWH, 18.-19. 02. 2016
  • Int. Workshop “Mathematical Identification of Momentary Biomarkers” (Org.: Noori), Mannheim, Central Institute of Mental Health, 11.04.2016
  • Int. Workshop “ILASTIK: Interactive Machine Learning for the Life Sciences” (Org.: Kreshuk, Hamprecht), Heidelberg, Mathematikon, 11. – 15. 07. 2016

Scientific Computing for Advanced Materials

  • Int. Workshop “Theoretical Challenges in Organic Electronics” (Org.: Dreuw/Comba and Lennartz (BASF SE), Winnacker (CAM Heidelberg), Harbach (Merck KGaA), Gade (Inorganic Chemistry), Daoulas (Innovation Lab GmbH and Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research), Bunz (Organic Chemistry)), Heidelberg, IWH, 05.-07.10.2015

Scientific Computing in the Humanities

  • 4th Int. Workshop “SCCH’13 – Scientific Computing and the Cultural Heritage” (Org.: Bock/Winckler/Jäger/Mara), Heidelberg, HAW, 18.-20.11.2013, (Proceedings on SCCH’11 published by Springer)
  • Interdisciplinary Workshop “Under Construction” (Org.: Brüske/Commichau (TS), Frank (ICL) and Winckler/Gertz), Heidelberg, IWR, 11.07.2014
  • Int. Workshop “Ladenburger Diskurs: Digitales Modell Kloster Lorsch” (Org.: Grellert (TU Darmstadt), Schefers (Welterbestätte Kloster Lorsch) and Krömker), Ladenburg, Daimler und Benz Stiftung, 13.-14.03.2015
  • Guest talks and lecture by Stephan Karl and Kamil S. Kazimierski (both University of Graz (AT)), Heidelberg, Mathematikon, 18.-19.07.2016 (Org.: Mara)
  • 8th Interdisciplinary Workshop “Computeranwendungen und Quantitative Methoden in der Archäologie” (Org.: Mara/Volkmann/Winckler, Lambers(Leiden University) and Lang (University of Tübingen), Heidelberg, Mathematikon, 10.-11.02.2017
  • Interdisciplinary Workshop “Kompetenzdiagnostik und Kompetenzentwicklung in der visuellen Informationsverarbeitung” (Org.: Gerwien (Institute of German as a Foreign Language Philology), Mammen (Institute for Applied Mathematics), Johannes (Institute for Applied Mathematics), 13.03.2017
  • Summer School “Camera, Drones, and Laserscanning: Modern Ways to Document Ancient Objects” (Org.: Seitz, Mombaur, Untermann (Institute for European Art History)), Lorsch, 26.-28.07.2017

Scientific Computing in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Economics

  • Interdisciplinary Challenge Workshop “FOMOCOG´14 – Formal Models of Cognition” (Org.: Holt (ATP) and Kirches/Körkel), Heidelberg, IWH, 24.-26.03.2014
  • Int. Hengstberger-Symposium “(Non-) Optimal human decision making in dynamic environments” (Org.: Dürsch/Holt (ATP) and Kirches), Heidelberg, IWH, 02.-04.03.2015
  • Int. Workshop “Scientific Computing in the Behavioral Sciences – SCBS 2015” (Org.: Holt (ATP) and Körkel/Said/von Sydow), Heidelberg, Psychological Institute, 27.-29.07.2015
  • Interdisciplinary Workshop “Kompetenzdiagnostik und Kompetenzentwicklung in der visuellen Informationsverarbeitung” (Org.: Gerwien (IDF) and Mammen/Johannes (Institute for Applied Mathematics), Heidelberg, Heidelberg University of Education, 13.03.2017

Scientific Computing in Astrophysics

  • Interdisciplinary Workshop “Computational Astrophysics” (Org.: Kanschat), Heidelberg, IWR, 29.-30.01.2015

Scientific Computing in Environmental Sciences

  • Int. Workshop “Air-sea Gas Flux Climatology; Progress and Future Prospects” (Org.: Garbe), Brest (FR), 24.-27.09.2013
  • Int. Conference “German Future Earth Summit 2014”, Workshop 1: “Dynamic Planet” (Org.: Garbe), Berlin, 27.-28.01.2014
  • Int. Workshop “Visual Crowds for Geo- and Environmental Sciences” (Org.: Kondermann/Jokar/Jähne/Zipf and Aeschbach-Hertig (HCE) ), Heidelberg, IWH, 09.12.2014

Scientific Computing in Industrial Applications

  • KoMSO Challenge Workshop ” and Optimization of Future Energy Grids” (Org.: Bock and Wolfrum (Bioquant)), Heidelberg, IWH, 07.-08.05.2013
  • Internal HCO-Workshop, Heidelberg, IWR, 31.07.2013
  • KoMSO Challenge Workshop “Online & Offline Optimal Control of Chemical and Biotechnological Processes” (Org.: Badinski (BASF) and Sauer/Kostina), Ludwigshafen, BASF, 23.01.2014
  • HCO-Workshop “Industrial Optimization” (Org.: Bock/Beigel/Körkel/Rannacher/Schlöder), Heidelberg, IWR, 17.-20.02.2014
  • Interdisciplinary Workshop “Energy Efficient High Performance Computing on Heterogeneous Architectures” (Org.: Jähne/Mischler/Heuveline and Fröning (ZITI)), Heidelberg, HCI, 26.11.2014
  • KoMSO Challenge Workshop “Big Data: Mathematical Data Analysis of Complex Structures” (Org.: Milde and P. Maass (Bremen University), C. Redenbach (Kaiserslautern University), T. Schuster (Saarland University), H. G. Zimmermann (Siemens AG)), Heidelberg, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 03.-04.03.2015
  • KoMSO Challenge Workshop “Mathematical , Simulation and Optimization for Energy Conservation” (Org.: Bock/Kostina/Milde/Schlöder and V. Hagenmeyer (KIT)), Heidelberg, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 08.-09.10.2015
  • HCO Challenge Workshop “Parameter and State Estimation” (Org.: Körkel/Milde/Walter), Heidelberg, IWH, 10.-11.11.2015
  • KoMSO Challenge Workshop “Mathematical MSO for Air Traffic Management” (Org.: Borndörfer (ZIB), Weißhaar (Lufthansa Systems) and Kostina/Milde), Raunheim, Lufthansa, 14.-15.10.2016
  • Praxis-Forum “Mathematik trifft Industrie am IWR” (Org.: Heermann, Milde, Winckler), Heidelberg, Mathematikon, 27.10.2016
  • KoMSO Workshop “Challenges for Mathematical , Simulation and Optimization for Advanced Process Control of Batch Processes” (Org.: Bock/Kostina/Milde/Schlöder and B. Böttcher/Naeem (BASF SE)), Heidelberg, Mathematikon – Building A, 09.-10.02.2017